Boko Haram, taking Terrorism to the Next Level

As if reacting to the ruling party, APCs, recent presidential campaign launch tagged “Next Level”, the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram, seems to have taken its killing spree to yet another level as the terror group is reported to have killed about 118 Nigerian soldiers.

The irony is that the soldiers were not killed in guerrilla ambush attacks but conventional attack at one of its barracks, Metele Base. Boko Haram, described as the world’s deadliest terror group, has consistently been underrated by the government.

On December 24, 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari told the BBC that “the militant group could no longer mount “conventional attacks” against security forces or population centres. It had been reduced to fighting with improvised explosives devices (IED) and remained a force only in its heartland of Borno State”, he said.

BBC said, “Critics of the government argue that it has exaggerated the scale of its success against the militants and that each time the army claims to have wiped out Boko Haram, the militants have quietly rebuilt.”

The group is alleged to have killed over 27,000 people since it emerged as a terrorist group, it also kidnapped many with the popular Chibok Girls topping the list. Leah Sharibu is still with the group after others were released in a move the federal government claims did not involve payment of ransom.

But according to Senator Ahmed Lawan and Joshua Lidani, “the government pays out millions of euros to the terrorist group as ransom. It clears out military personnel for them to return kidnapped school girls and move back to their base. A cease-fire was according to the DSS, the only condition given for a return of the Dapchi girls. Boko Haram even dictates when we fight. It is the government of the federal republic of Nigeria that has been technically defeated by Boko Haram and not the other way round.”

“Shortly after the minister of information, Lai Mohammed, claimed no money was given to the terrorist group for the return of the Dapchi girls, reports surfaced to confirm the fear of Nigerians that there actually was. And not only that but five Boko Haram prisoners were also released with three of them being bomb makers.” The report said.

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