Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited, a global power generation leader with the most reliable power generating systems and the largest off grid Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Nigeria, have promised to keep operation going at the 16 gas fired power plants (100MW capacity) across Nigeria.

The recent national grid fall has made obvious the fall out of the quality of power generation and distribution in the country with an estimated electricity generation capacity of 8,644MW, and distribution capacity of approximately 3,718MW to cater for the electricity needs of over 160 million Nigerians.

Research has revealed that the constant power shortage and inefficiency is as a result of the enormous gap between the high demand for electricity and low capacity and supply of electricity to meet it. This has led to self-generation of power by both industrial and residential consumers even though the power sector has been de-regularized.

Graham Christie, General Manager of Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria explained that Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria provides the full operation, maintenance and after-market support for all Cummins Gas Plants in Nigeria. With over 200 engineers in Nigeria, the service offered allows for 24/7 operations to its customers.

According to him, the management of both Cummins Power Generation and Cummins Energy Solutions companies are committed to creating similar opportunities to clusters of the society where groups from various backgrounds can come together and address power issues for immediate executable solutions as the epileptic power supply problems in the country still remain resolute as the stakeholders of the power companies and the distribution companies have not tackled and solve the power problem.

“At Cummins, innovation is ingrained in our culture, mission, vision and values. With over 100-year history of our company, our product innovations have enabled us to provide customers the products and services they need to be successful. We take the time to understand our customers, and then exceed their expectations by always being the first to market with the best products. The supply and quality of electricity through Cummins Gas Generators is highly robust and reliable, and customers are guaranteed uninterrupted power supply 24/7.”

“The aim is to replace diesel generators with gas generator sets in both residential and factory premises because it is a cheaper and environmentally-friendly option for power generation especially, in Nigeria where generator usage is on the increase. The primary focus is to deliver continuous power. Yet, Cummins, can offer its Gas Generator sets under IPP, rental and/or lease, depending on the customer’s preference” said Daniele Sechi – General Manager, Cummins Power Generation Nigeria.

For over 8 years, Cummins Nigeria has assisted Nigerian Industries with over the years and still counting. These industries range from bottling plants, plastic manufacturing, hotels, real estates and other manufacturing industries.







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