Election 2019: Chain Reactions Unveils Political Campaign Management Services

…Says the Electorate will be empowered

One of Nigeria’s leading Public Relations and Integrated Communications Consulting firms, Chain Reactions Nigeria, the Nigerian affiliate to Edelman which is the largest Public Relations firm in the world, has unveiled its bespoke public affairs and political campaign management services for governments, political parties, aspirants and candidates aimed at preparing them to structure their political campaigns better with better professional support in the run up to the next 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

In a Press Statement issued at the weekend in Lagos and signed by its Managing Director and Chief Strategist, Israel Jaiye Opayemi, the firm disclosed that, incumbent political office holders and their challengers can take advantage of different plans in the firm’s public affairs and political campaign management service bouquets to run better and well structured campaigns to win in this election cycle.

Explaining the various services governments and politicians should take advantage of, Opayemi said, “we have a Campaign Play Book for governments and candidates seeking re-elections. The package is themed, How to Win Re-Election Campaigns. We have a Play Book for challenger aspirants and candidates in a package named, How to Defeat an Incumbent. They are like two sides of the same coin we have learnt to toss up in favour of different clients who approach us for our services. They are part of the professional services we run by the highest professional and ethical standards with clear rules of engagement spelt out. For example, we cannot provide these services to both an incumbent and his or her challenger no matter the fees.” 

According to Opayemi, other services in the rich bouquets of the firm’s political campaign management services include a Campaign Strategy Starter Pack, Unpacking the Opposition and Opposition Research Guide, Understanding Polling, Developing Thematic Campaign, Developing a Message Deck, Vote Mapping and Targeting, Media Training for Candidates and Campaign Managers, Debate Simulation and Elocution Training for Candidates and Running Mates, Social Media Management and Online Reputation Management in the age of fake news. He further listed Issues and Crisis Management, Technology for Vote Protection and Anti-Rigging, Operations Manual for a Campaign and Elections Situation Room, Planning Guide for Election Day Logistics,Framing Effective Campaign Structure, Creative Design and Production Services, Campaign Events Management and Roadshows, Media Strategy and Planning Services as well as Creative News Room Services for political parties, aspirants and candidates amongst others. 

Opayemi further assured that apart from interested governments, political parties, aspirants and candidates benefiting from best in class professional campaign management services from Chain Reactions, the Nigerian affiliate to Edelman which is the largest Public Relations firm in the world, the firm will also be working with a number of local research firms and their International counterpart with presence in Nigeria to help political players who sign

on to its services to access professional polling services. He explained that this is one of the areas where somepolitical parties and candidates with financial war chest fail woefully in political contests in our climes. “Political gladiators need to understand the power of research and polling. You cannot sit in the comfort of your campaign offices and hotels and frame your campaign theme and message. They must be derived from research. You need to feel the pulse of the electorate. This was our game changer in the last governorship elections in Ekiti Stateand we can repeat that feat for any aspirant or candidate who approaches us, Opayemi said.”

He urged political parties, aspirants and candidates preparing to participate in the 2019 elections to take advantage of working with professionals who specialize in services of this nature saying, “the insights we will be sharing are products of the collective experience our Public Affairs Practice Heads have pulled together from 26 years of active involvement in planning and managing political campaigns across five elections cycles from 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 aside from off cycle elections such as such as the Ekiti State Governorship elections of 2014 and 2018 where our services were utilized. Nothing beats experience,” Opayemi assured.  

On the overall benefits of political gladiators working with professionals who help to frame their campaigns, Opayemi said Nigeria will be better for it as the electorate will be empowered to take informed decision at the polls.






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