Indomie rewards Fan Club story writing competition winners

For emerging winners in the Indomie Fan Club (IFC) story writing competition, six outstanding students have received handsome rewards from Dufil Prima Foods, makers of Indomie Instant Noodles-Nigerian’s number one noodle brand.

The IFC story writing competition is a child engagement initiative from the stable of the Indomie brand, which is targeted at enhancing the writing and creative skills of students who belong to Indomie Fan Club across 3,000 schools in Nigeria.

While the competition lasted, the participants were asked to submit beautiful crafted stories of about 300 words each to schools hosting the IFC, using indomitable cartoon characters as subjects of their writings.

The competition, which began on July 20 ended in September, with over 41,000 entries. At the end of the competition, six winners emerged in the highly competitive contest.

The first three national winners for the competition were Master Shepherd Duru of Great Flourish Ville School, Master Salako Oluwatimilehin of Galilee Junior School and Master Okafor Chiagoziem of Great Flourish Ville School. Three other regional winners: Master George Chukwukaima of Child Prime Onyx School (Lagos regional winner), Little Miss Ettu Ayanfeoluwa of Cornerstone Model School (Ogun regional winner) and Master Ezugwu Favour Chiagozie of St Bartholomew School (Abuja regional winner) also emerged during the event and were rewarded by the event’s organisers.

There were also 50 other consolatory winners, who got various products from the brand.

At the award presentation in Lagos, Head of Marketing, Indomie, Mr Manpreet Singh, described the winners as “outstanding writers”, adding that the six winners will be featured in the next edition of the Indomie Comic Books.

Singh said: “Beyond just winning prizes, the Indomie Fan Club Essay Writing Competition is designed with the intention of instilling the habit of writing in students. We have noticed that pupils’ reading and writing habits are being endangered by social media and other social distractions. But Indomie feels that something must be done to salvage the situation. Hence, the need for creating a writing competition for Indomie Fan Club members.

“It  is  the  belief  of  our  great  brand  that children  are  future  leaders. And  to  effectively  play  in  that  future, they  need  the ability  to  effectively think, write and speak. Indomie, through this competition, is enhancing that ability. This is part of our overall strategy to ensure that the Nigerian child is effectively engaged now for future leadership. For years now, Indomie has been sponsoring the Lagos Spelling Bee and awarding scholarships to numerous postgraduate students studying nutrition in Nigerian universities.”

The National Coordinator of IFC, Mrs Faith Joshua said the contest is one of the ways through which the brand is engaging children by giving them the opportunity to express their creative talents and abilities.

Joshua said: “We at Indomie congratulate the winners of this competition. We urge the winners not to stop writing. Rather, they should improve on their writing ability and their creativity, because we know that writers are progressive in nature. We use indomitable characters as subject of the competition because IFC wants to make reading fun and interesting for primary school children.”






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