Indomie launches My Indomie My Recipe campaign

Dufil Prima Foods, makers of Indomie Instant Noodles, has launched Indomie cooking competition to deepen the conversation surrounding cooking among young couples.
The competition, with hashtag #MyIndomieMyRecipe, is geared towards growing narratives about the role of couples in the kitchen and who should cook when both married mates return from work tired.
Head of Marketing, Mr. Manpreet Singh, said the competition, which will end on 14th of March, 2019, will see several participants rewarded with Indomie products, with the grand winner having a dinner date with a hip hop recording artist, Ice Prince and actress Sharon Ooja and N100,000 cash prize. There will also be weekly and daily winners.
Manpreet said to enter the competition, participants are expected to prepare their favourite meal from #MyIndomieMyRecipe playlist on the Indomielivetv channel on YouTube. “Then participants will take a picture of the meal with their Indomie pack by the side and post the picture on social media with the hashtag #MyIndomieMyRecipe #MyIndomieMyStyle. Finally, each participant is expected to get as many likes on the post. Selected entries will be reposted on the Indomie page, with winners getting away with Indomie prizes,” Manpreet said.
On the rationale behind the competition, Manpreet stated the aim is to provide solution to people finding it difficult to cook meal after a hard day’s job. Manpreet said: “In busy cities in Nigeria, it is becoming harder to cook conventional meals because of lack of time due to the existence of traffics and other uncontrollable factors. Indomie Instant Noodles through this competition is, however, offering solution to such challenge by offering consumers eight amazing convenient and easy cooking recipes to choose from on its @Indomielifetv youtube page. We are saying with this competition that cooking can be done by anyone, because Indomie is simplifying how meals should be prepared. Participants are required to follow @indomie_nigeria on Instagram, @Indomieinstantnoodles on Facebook, and @indomienigeria on Twitter for more information.”




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