Neveen Dominic: The Woman Who Chose Darkness over Light

She grew up in South Sudan during the civil war that engulfed the country. Until she had a need to travel to the Northern part of Sudan, Neveen Dominic thought all Sudanese were the same.
Neveen never knew being dark skinned was a crime. She was discriminated on by fellow black Sudanese in the Northern part of Sudan for being darker. Her life was threatened several times.
Many ebony skinned ladies were killed so some resorted to bleaching in order to be accepted and stay alive. Neveen refused to be one of them so she tried to get cosmetics for her ebony skin but couldn’t find any. When the threat to her life became unbearable Neveen ran to Egypt. But Egypt was worse as the threat was more daring.
She narrated how in Egypt she was walking and a woman poured refuse on her and said she thought she was a moving refuse dump. Once again she fled. Through the assistance of the United Nations she found herself in Canada. Neveen expected to be discriminated in Canada because most Canadians were white but she was shocked when they admired her skin and hair.
In Canada she still couldn’t find cosmetics for her skin, even makeup artists had limited product offerings.
Fed up with having to compromise, Mrs Neveen Dominic created Neveen Dominic Cosmetics with the goal of making all women look and feel beautiful, especially the dark skinned. She was named finalist in the Canadian Mompreneur Award of Excellence 2018. She chose to love her darkness.






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