Monument Distillers Launches Four Cousins Wine in Nigeria

Newly-formed Monument Distillers Nigeria Limited launches Four Cousins wines in Nigeria, adding to their growing portfolio which includes Bannerman’s Finest Scotch Whisky, Grace du Roi Fine Wines, Malfy Italian Gin and most recently, the Nigerian classic, 1960 Rootz.
Kensington Distillers and Vintners recently acquired the 1960 Rootz brand to form Monument Distillers Nigeria Limited which now has the exclusive distribution rights for Four Cousins Wine in Nigeria. As global wine destination South Africa’s best-selling wine brand, Four Cousins Wine is sold in 750ml bottles, as well as the iconic 1.5L glass bottles which helped establish the brand’s popularity in South Africa almost 20 years ago. Four Cousins status as market leaders in South Africa has remained unchallenged for the past 9 years.
Monument Distillers Managing Director, Ajay Malhotra, said, “We are thrilled that Monument Distillers will be adding Four Cousins Wine to our growing portfolio of international brands which help fulfil Nigerian consumers’ demands for a broader range of quality products to choose from.
Four Cousins offers a versatile range of fine wines that suit any social occasion where friends and family celebrate life and being together. The Natural Sweet Red enhances the flavours of barbecued red meat and roast chicken, while the Natural Sweet White pairs beautifully with seafood and spicy dishes. The Natural Sweet Rosé is often enjoyed in a tall glass with ice for sundowners or as a party drink. It’s the wine that’s ‘always there, always together’, making it a good choice for special occasions like weddings, funerals and christenings.”
According to the latest International Wine and Spirits Report (IWSR), total wine sales in Nigeria are showing a compound annual growth rate of 15.3% for the 2016/2017 year, with still wine outperforming the category at 20.1%.
Malhotra explains, “The latest IWSR revealed that in 2018, over 37 million bottles of wine were sold in Nigeria, so we know that Nigerians are in the market for interesting, authentic, quality brands with provenance and a story to tell. Four Cousins is exactly that.”
One of South Africa’s finest wines, the label on the Four Cousins bottles declares ‘Four Cousins: a legacy created for the love of wine’ and features each of the four cousins behind the brand and the wine. The Retief family are third generation wine makers who joined forces in the mid 1990’s. Having completed their studies, they joined the family farm, Van Loveren, in the heart of the beautiful Robertson valley in South Africa’s famous wine region in the Western Cape. Hennie and Neil Retief are the viticulturists, in charge of the farming units and managing the vines. Bussell is the winemaker and Phillip runs the business.
Their first big endeavour was introducing the much loved Four Cousins range of wines in 2000. Released in the impressive 1.5 litre bottle, it was wildly successful and today it’s South Africa’s biggest selling bottled wine brand.
Says Malhotra, “As globally-renowned wine-producing country South Africa’s number one selling bottled wine since November 2010, we are confident that Nigerians will recognise and embrace not only the excellent quality of the liquid, but also the heritage and history behind it.”
Four Cousins Natural Sweet Rosé, Red and White wines are now available in 750ml bottles at local liquor stores and at Shoprite in 1.5 litre bottles. The 750ml bottles sell at a recommended retail price of ₦1899 per bottle.






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