In a bid to stem the tide of unemployment in Nigeria and create an army of animation creators, Spoof Animations, the largest and prime 2D Animation Studio in Africa, based in Lagos, is on course to train more young people around Nigeria for free and then empower them towards a prosperous path in the global animation industry.

This objective was in the core of the company’s establishment vision. The arm, Spoof Academy was created for the sole purpose of training and equipping young and uber-talented Nigerians to be prepared to lead a professional career that will guarantee a decent livelihood. In its few years in operations, Spoof Animation and its academy arm can attest that they are on a path that can drastically lower unemployment in Nigeria while tackling crimes.

According to the CEO of Spoof Animations, Mr Ayodele Elegba, in the last three years of the company’s operations, over five hundred young people have been trained and equipped to become self-sustaining and actualize their dream. Some graduates of the Spoof Academy have been absorbed into the company while several others are now employers of labour.

In addition to training young people in Nigeria, Spoof Animations have started entrenching its legacy into the entertainment industry in Nigeria as Area Daddy, one of the Animated Series created and produced by the company won the premier edition of the Digital Lab Africa Competition. The award took the Spoof Animation team to France to get funding in a co-production deal for the animation.

Mr Elegba believes that the recent surge in banditry and criminality among young people across Nigeria can be quelled if companies – both small and big – are implementing their corporate social responsibility the right way. He insists Nigeria is filled with exceptionally talented youths who are easily creative when guided rightly. This according to him is an endless yet untapped goldmine for not only the Nigerian economy but the economic and cultural integrity of the African continent.

Spoof Animation is fighting unemployment, raising foreign exchange revenues and telling resonating African stories by harnessing local talents in placing Nigeria in the global animation industry.

Spoof Animation continues to develop contents for the global audience and with such impeccable approach as they have, there is no limit to what they can achieve, after all, what can stop an army of rightly motivated creative Nigerian youths.






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