Jireh Technologies Limited – an indigenous I.C.T and Security Solutions Company – has taken the lead as the first Nigerian company to introduce the trending TV content distribution and Internet Protocol television (IPTV) solution for the hospitality, oil and gas and the non-oil and gas sector of the economy. The company who signed a partnership agreement with TRIAX– a global supplier of innovative, high-tech solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals – has unveiled the exciting IPTV hospitality solution designed to help hotels increase revenues, identify savings and improve the guest in-room experience.
The technology is developed to bring a new level of control and flexibility to TV distribution and comprises hardware that can be customized to suit individual requirements. The solution enables hotel owners and managers to further enhance the guest experience and develop new revenue streams. The solution is cost-effective, secure and flexible and allows the distribution of TV, radio, video, information channels and web content throughout the hotel. The entertainment content (news, sports, movies, music etc.) is distributed directly to rooms and is aimed at meeting and improving guests’ entertainment and service needs.
All input signals, regardless of whether they are received via satellite, terrestrial, cable, audio/video or via the internet, are independently distributed from an IP pool to each individual module. Each of these input signals can be converted to any output signal: PAL, QAM, COFDM and IP and as the input signals are not fixed to any particular outputs, an input signal can be assigned to several output signals.
“Our goal is to ensure we deliver the best solutions that guarantee you peace of mind”, says Ehi Silence, MD at Jireh Technologies Limited. “We are a world-class technologically based organization that delivers quality and cost-effective ICT solutions and services to our valued clients and with this solution, we have introduced, our prospective customers have a system that is proven to work, is easy to install and maintain and highly cost-effective.”

On his part, the Head of Corporate Media at Jireh Technologies Limited, Mr Abel Edoka says “As a technology company, we are at the forefront to revolutionize content distribution in the Hospitality industry”.
The company guarantees that the solution can operate in both existing coax cable as well as IP network infrastructure to deliver high-quality

HD (4k resolution) content to all guests. It comprises the latest TDX head ends with conditional access system (CAS) for secure pay-TV channel options likes DSTV etc.
The flexibility in the hospitality system means that the hotel owner can use the same system even if he decides over time to switch from a COAX to the IP network. On the other hand, the ease of installation and set up for the installers make it an optimum and future-proof solution. It is a system that is adaptable to future demands for TV-reception and distribution.
For over 13 years, Jireh Technologies have been involved in providing other key services ranging from Network Cabling Solutions, CCTV and Surveillance Solutions, IP Telephony solution, Smart Solutions and Entertainment Solutions. They are based in Portharcourt with a fully functional office in Lagos and maintenance projects across the major IOC’s in the Oil and Gas sector.






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