The Pseudo Democrat by Lanre Quadri to be performed at 2020 Lagos Theatre Festival

The Pseudo Democrat, a play written by Lanre Lekan Quadri is one of the plays selected for the 2020 Lagos Theatre Festival scheduled to hold across different locations in the commercial city of Nigeria. The production which will take place at Shodex Gardens, Anthony, Lagos will take place on February 27th and March 1st 2020.

The Pseudo Democrat is a ribald satire about the quality of leadership across Africa by placing a search light on the nefarious activities of Chief Pedro, a depraved and unscrupulous politicians. The play examines the decay in our polity and exposes those responsible for this declension.

While speaking about the production, the playwright said, “It is an exciting opportunity for my text, The Pseudo Democrat to be selected for the Lagos Theatre Festival. The production is a collaboration between Inside Art Productions and Quadilateral Communications, directed by Art Osagie Okedigun and sponsored by TGM Education.

Lanre Lekan Quadri is a Nigerian creative writer and filmmaker. Lanre has honed his skills under the tutelage of renowned scholars from the Kwara Polytechnic, Ilorin; University of Ilorin and the University of Lagos. Other published works of Lanre Quadri are A Thief called Chief; Tortoise Goes to Church; Mr & Mrs Malice; Tyrants and Ants; The Indictment and Ululation of an Urchin.

The Lagos Theatre Festival is the largest performing arts festival in Nigeria and West Africa in unconventional spaces. Through the festival, theatre maklers and producers are supported to expand their practice beyond traditional theatre spaces by creating work that responds to any given space.

The festival founded by British Council as part of its ambitions of fostering exchange, collaboration and strengthen relationship between Nigerian and British artists through the presentation of high quality Nigerian and British theatre. The 2020 edition will feature over 120 events held in various venues across Lagos.






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