AGRICHIVE – Driving Nigeria back to Agriculture

Recently, the price volatility of Crude Oil in the international market began a steep downward slide causing apprehensions on Nigeria’s fragile economy. But international countries are not worried as development has made it imperative for these countries to make agriculture the mainstay of their economy.
In Nigeria, when we get it right, Agriculture will play a fundamental role in lifting millions permanently out of poverty – especially during these trying times. But this can only be possible with accurate, relevant and useful information which can only be gotten from AGRICHIVE, an Agriculture news platform solely built to promote the sharing of information on the issues of agriculture and rural development all around Africa.
The birth of sits on the belief that agriculture is key to enabling Africa to realise its potential. It is of a deep conviction that agriculture will continue to be the biggest employer of labour in most African countries. gather pools of Agriculture and rural development news all over Africa and bring into limelight issues, successes and challenges facing agriculture to the font for followers interested in agriculture through the utmost dedication to research in other to keep people abreast of happens in the agricultural sectors, as well as improve their capacity on agricultural and rural development. Also,
• Put into limelight issues, successes and challenges faced by youth engaged in agriculture, in urban and rural areas;
• Encourage the production of information and the use of new information and communication technologies by farmers groups and Organisations interested in agriculture question;
• Promote the sharing of information on the issues of agriculture and rural development around the world.
Now is the time to look inward and diversify from crude oil… The gospel of economic salvation cannot be achieved without due regard to agricultural development as the solution.





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