Samsung Takes lead in Mobile Technology- an Inside look into the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung continues to mark significant milestones in technology and the Galaxy Zflip is evidence of this feat. This revolutionary hideaway hinge of the device gives you an entirely new kind of smartphone experience.
The Invention
Samsung has overcome many challenges of the hinge technology with two new groundbreaking innovation: the Dual CAM mechanism and Sweeper technology.
The Dual CAM Mechanism
The ridge-shaped CAM mechanism of the Galaxy Zflip can open, close and stand the device on its own at different angles. It offers many degrees of control such as ending a call by flipping the device close or even taking a selfie with the device closed. This mechanism presents a new camera experience for hands-free selfies and Vlogging, tripod less night camera, quick and easy multitasking.
Sweeper Technology.
The sweeper mechanism sits inside the gap between hideaway hinge made of long-lasting nylon fibres of vacuum cleaner brushes. This technology sucks out, ensuring that the hinges and screen are dust-free.
The engineering of this technology also meets three specific conditions: Elasticity (to account for shifts in the gap size); long-lasting flexibility (the hinge is tested to withstand 200,000 folds, and slimness (to keep the device’s sleek form factor).
Fashion Meets Technology
What is beauty without brains? It is clear that the Zflip has got an impressive brain with its HDR camera function that blocks out excessive light while taking a shot in sunlight and its hinge technology among others features; It is also a beauty to behold.
The Galaxy Zflip makes an undeniable fashion statement as it comes in a stylish glass material of black and purple. It folds small enough to fit into a small purse for any occasion, the palm of your hands or even your pocket.
The Zflip opens to a 6.7” screen that allows you to enjoy smooth movie viewing and has a 256GB storage capacity and 8 GB RAM. This device is definitely a deal-breaker.
The Zflip has been reported sold out in a matter of days after being launched in many countries and has recently been awarded 5 stars by The Guardian 2020 for Reinventing the flip phone for 2020.
The Zflip was launched in Nigeria on the 15th of June is available in Samsung Experience Stores nationwide.




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