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Meta fuels SMB growth with ‘Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found’ campaign in Nigeria

Meta, today announced the launch of the ‘Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found’ campaign to spotlight the inspiring stories of the people behind the businesses who are using Meta technologies to achieve a social purpose and do impactful things across several industries. Through this campaign, Meta aims to fuel the growth of indigenous small and medium businesses and empower them to further realise their ambitions.


The campaign also highlights how personalized ads help people discover small businesses on Facebook and Instagram. Using these ads, small businesses can grow their business digitally from an idea into a livelihood.


“As an enabler of economic growth, Meta is committed to helping SMBs navigate obstacles, build meaningful connections and unlock economic opportunity so they can continue making a positive impact on the world.” Oluwasola Obagbemi, Corporate Communications Manager for Anglophone West Africa at Meta said this while speaking at the launch of the campaign. “This festive season, we are delighted to provide SMBs with access to tools, personal advertising, training, support and solutions needed to grow their business. We continue our support of small businesses to ensure they have a voice and ensure their good ideas are found by the right people.”


In the past year, Meta had introduced free tools and resources, like Meta Business Suite, small business grant programs and virtual training to help small businesses to sell online and navigate the pandemic.


To discover more good ideas and learn about personalized advertising, click fb.com/supportsmallbusiness.

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