Charles O’Tudor releases the nuggets for the future of AUDACIOUS BRANDING

The just-concluded season 05 of the Charles O’Tudor Brand Masterclass was a huge success as brilliant minds and industry thought leaders were present to stimulate the minds of the audience, which was a mix of young entrepreneurs and business moguls in the corporate world.

Thought leads present were Mr Fela Durotoye (President of the GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation), Mr Lanre Olusola (Chief Catalyst at Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy), Udo Okonjo (CEO of Fine and Country West Africa) and Olawale Ayilara(CEO/Founder of Landwey).

The Masterclass started off with a saxophone interlude, the dexterous Bamise Odusote delivered sonorous tunes to set the mood for the event.

The first presentation on AUDACIOUS BRANDING was delivered by the main speaker and convener Charles O’Tudor highlighting the meaning and essence of being an audacious brand in your industry, which will help set the pace for global positioning. The next presentation was by Mr Fela Durotoye. Mr Durotoye urged the audience to focus on brand beliefs and value add, what your brand believes in will set the pace for what your market will believe in.

Mr Lanre Olusola spoke on the importance of Wisdom, creating and preserving your name, recognising your gift, using it to serve humanity and solving problems at deep levels.

Mrs Udo Okonjo spoke on developing key strategies to expand market reach. She also said that audacious branding is an idea that helps you choose who and how to play within your industry, identifying and developing the right mindset it takes to win.

Mr Olawale Ayilara stimulated the audience to think beyond their environment, stating that your brand can be present in a particular location but have a mindset that is not tied to or limited to that location. To achieve the status of an audacious brand, you have to define what you want your audience perception to be like.

The main highlight of the event was the presentation of an award plaque to Mrs Unyime King to honour the Late Ubong King. The award was presented by Charles O’Tudor (The Group Principal Consultant of ADSTRAT BMC), Olawale Ayilara (CEO/Founder of Landwey), Lanre Olusola (Chief Catalyst at Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy)

Martins Iluyomade (CEO and Founder of Aimart International).

Another high point was the unveiling of the Charles O’Tudor Foundation and during the unveiling, Charles O’Tudor announced his move to step down from ADSTRAT BMC as the CEO and appointed a new CEO/Principal Consultant to run the brand – Daniel Victory Momoh, a strategist and conceptual thinker that has worked closely with the brand since May 2019.

The event ended with another saxophone interlude by Bamise Odusote and a vote of thanks from Charles O’Tudor. Official sponsors for the event were Access Bank and Aimart international, a real estate and logistics company.

It was indeed an audacious event that took place at the Marriott Hotel GRA Ikeja on the 27th of November 2021.

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