Good day everyone.


On behalf of the entire staff of Dowen College Lagos, we the management staff of the school wish to publicly commiserate with the family of our late beloved student, Slyvester Oromoni.


We are all deeply saddened by his passing. He was an energetic, fun-loving and promising child and he will be sorely missed. We pray that the Almighty God will grant his soul eternal rest and his family the fortitude to bear with this irreplaceable loss.


This unprecedented situation we find ourselves in calls for restraint and understanding. A family has lost their dear son. The school has lost a precious student.


We are distressed that a child sustained a leg injury and passed on a week later. We are as shocked as the rest of the world to see our lovely boy look so ill and in so much pain from the videos posted.


It is true that though he went home on the 23rd of November, his family did call on the 29th to inform us that he said he was actually bullied by 5 senior students whose names he mentioned.

We confirm that we immediately started internal investigations on the 30th but he passed on that same day. Sadly we had barely made any headway before the social media frenzy commenced.


We choose not to be sidetracked but remain focused on our task to get to the bottom of the allegations made. We are cooperating with all relevant authorities and all the accused students have presented themselves to the authorities. “Justice will be done”, This reassurance was given at a press conference held in Lagos as part of the one day of mourning, the school reassures the family and public of justice.


We understand the sentiments of the public but appeal for restraint as many lives including the lives of our students are affected.

All lives matter.


We are a school grounded in faith and discipline. We appreciate all those who have trusted and supported us and pray this trust will be revalidated.

Justice will be done and will be seen to be done.


God bless and keep the Oromoni family. God bless and keep Dowen College Lagos.


Signed: Board and Management

Dowen College, Lagos,



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