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Jingle bell! Jingle bell!! Jingle bell!!! The new Domino’s Santa Crust is an adorable way to express Christmas at the peak with family and friends this season!! Christmas is all about spending and enjoying quality time with your family and loved ones or just that favourite person.

The festive season is a moment of freedom and fun, spiced up with relaxation with your family and loved ones. Domino’s Pizza is not letting you have that feeling alone, you can share memories and create new ones for the coming year with the new Domino’s Santa Crust flavour.  It consists of any juicy Medium Classic + Melted Choco Pocket /Cinnastix/Cheesy Bread/ Breadsticks+ drink from N4700 only.

After all the year’s ups and downs, you can always have a relaxing time with your family and friends. And yes, join in the rush as Domino’s Santa Crust would be your best friend through Christmas and make all your wishes true.

This extraordinary period gets so hyped and ready as Domino’s Pizza will not leave you all by yourself. You deserve a reason to be happy and have a smiling face and Domino’s Pizza has got you covered all through the year to the new year! We vibin’ and chillin’ all through the year till the new year. All you need do is visit the nearest Dominos’ branch close to you or visit www.dominos.ng

Don’t miss out on making someone’s Christmas dream come true by walking into any Domino’s Pizza outlet, getting one for yourself and for your loved ones or just that one perfect person.

For more information, jump on the website www.dominos.ng/


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