TuruUgoLota Progress Tour: Life Continental Lager Reinforces Consumer loyalty as Flavour of Africa Shuts down Asaba

When the news flittered in across major communication outlets in Asaba that Life Continental Lager Beer was featuring Flavour of Africa and other music artists to celebrate consumers with its TuruUgoLota Progress Tour, some people thought that it was just another me-too concert. However, as the night wore on, consumers and fun-seekers alike revelled in the electrifying atmosphere at the auspicious Shoprite, Asaba as the TuruUgoLota Progress Tour surpassed the expectations of the spectators.

Fans and lovers of High-life music had an unforgettable experience at the concert. Flavour Nabania and other artists such as Queen Theresa Onuorah, Franky DJ P.O.P, Jerico and others bonded with consumers of Life Continental Lager Beer.

Speaking during the concert, the Senior Brand Manager Life Continental Lager Beer, Aishat Anaekwe, maintained that “Life Continental Lager Beer has grown to be a dominant beer brand in Nigeria while maintaining a unique cultural identity that resonates with its consumers. The brand has always been very close to its root and its people. With this TuruUgoLota Progress Tour Concert, we have taken steps to further deepen this connection. We realize how much it means for the people of Enugu to be able to celebrate with friends and family and we wanted to be part of that experience for our loyal consumers”.

She stated further that “Life Continental Lager Beer is all about giving its consumers a celebratory experience that will not only resonate with them but also be equally memorable, and the Progress Tour is another way that Life Continental Lager Beer has been bringing joy and unforgettable experience to Nigerians.”

Life Continental Lager Beer recently started an exciting musical tour to bring undiluted entertainment to its consumers across major cities in Nigeria. At the Asaba concert, the live audience was also thrilled with performances courtesy a[NA1]  talent hunt competition. Out of the 10 contestants, Young Incredible, POPE and Whispa emerged winners and smiled home with the sum of N500,000, N300,000 and N200,000 respectively.

Through the Turu Ugo Lota campaign, the brand connects with the mindset of South-eastern people who love the fun of all ages, rekindling their deep pride in being Igbo, while at the same time satisfying consumers through the unique taste of Life Continental Lager Beer. Beyond being an adage, Turu Ugo Lota is a passion that weighs upon every young Igbo, to go forth into the world—despite its challenges and limitations—build new relationships, work hard and attain success.

 [NA1]Pls correct this sentence

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