Park Vega Waterpark is the Best Tourist Site, Guests Tell Smart Delta Media Team

The Smart Delta Media team, a media outfit put together by the Delta State Government while performing its media role of investigating tourist locations such as resorts and amusement parks to ascertain claimed standards, paid a visit to West Africa’s largest waterpark, Park Vega Waterpark. Part of the team’s duties is to showcase the best tourist locations in the state, and independently interview guests in various attractions as a genuine and uninfluenced source of feedback.

Inside Park Vega Waterpark, the management gave a free hand to the Smart Delta Media team to go around the facility to capture the fun structures that have been giving so much joy to so many families that visit. The media team then requested an audience with the guests at the park.

This request was unexpected, but was granted by the park’s management with one caveat – only interview those who accept to be interviewed and respect those who just want to keep having fun.

The first guest to be interviewed from the random pick was Lucy Okemem who was unanimously chosen by her friends to enable others to keep having fun at the wave pool, said “This place is the best of the best tourist sites in Nigeria and I have been to a lot of them. Everyone needs to have this kind of fun. I am so glad we have something like this in Nigeria, especially in Delta, which is the tourism capital of Nigeria.” She said as she scurried off to rejoin her friends.

The Smart Delta Media team went to the Swim-up Bar, which is a bar that is not floating but is situated in the middle of a relaxing pool. This means guests have to swim up to the bar to have a drink, hence the name, Swim-up Bar.

At the bar, Harry Omosonmwan was having fun sipping on his cocktail while still half submerged in the pool but agreed to grant the visiting media an interview.

In Harry’s exact words, “This park is nice. All those parks you see abroad, you should come to Park Vega Waterpark to see and experience it right here in Nigeria. I love this place, seriously.” He said as he dropped his cocktail glass and submerged into the pool swimming away from the crew.

The team got the nod to interview Whitney Okefielem, who came with her friend. Their swimsuit was already sopping with water as they were about to try out the Aqua tower.

According to Whitney, “When you have any problem either work or home related that is disturbing you when you come to Park Vega Waterpark, you experience a great time and you forget all your challenges. You leave here refreshed and more focused to solve those challenges. Omo just come here, catch your cruise, dey go house as a new person.” She joked.

The Smart Delta Media team was impressed with the response they had and commended the management of Park Vega Waterpark for sustaining and improving on the international standard it started with when it opened for operation two years ago.

Park Vega Waterpark is a privately owned waterpark and the only international standard waterpark endorsed by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), and also the World Waterparks Association (WWA).

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