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Celebrate the Domino’s Big 10 With A Free Box Of Pizza

Yes, y’all!! It’s the biggest 10 ever as Domino’s pizza joins the league of the extraordinary to celebrate 10 big years of providing sultry, mouth-watery indulgent fun. Domino’s Pizza, the number one is the biggest boy in the building and we’re taking you on the tastiest journey for 10 years more and beyond.

To begin the ride with the celebration, Domino’s is having fun-packed activities across all stores Nationwide. You don’t want to miss out on this. But because Domino’s loves to keep our indulgent promise to every pizza lover not minding where you are, we have an incredible offer for all our online faves.

From the 12th to the 21st of September, Domino’s is giving One Medium Classic Pizza free for every One Medium Classic Pizza you order online! Can you beat that? Imagine staying from the comfort of your home, or office or maybe you want to have a great time with friends. Domino’s got you covered. Just chill, relax and order from your mobile app or website on http://www.dominos.ng/

The great part is every order gets to you hot and sizzling within 20 minutes. E shock you? Yes. 20 minutes. Nothing more, maybe less. If we don’t beat the 20 minutes delivery timeline, Domino’s will give you a FREE pizza voucher. Yes!! Just because we put our mouth where our pizza is!! Unbeatable service delivery of hot spicy and sizzling pizza that comes in whatever appeals to your taste buds.

So, hurry up, pick up your phone and click on the browser. Type in  http://www.dominos.ng/ to get a free Medium Classic Pizza when you order One Medium Classic Pizza Online Only. Enjoy with your friends, your loved ones or that special private person. It is an indulgent, deliciously tasty unforgettable experience. It’s something just amazing!!! 

Follow on all Instagram @dominosng and don’t miss out on the fun and intriguing offers.  

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