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Emerging from a successful financial year, the International Breweries Plc (IBPLC), a proud part of AB InBev, the world’s largest beer maker with over 500 beer brands, hosted the 2022 Suppliers Day on Friday 9th September 2022 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos to appreciate its teeming suppliers.

This year’s edition themed: “Driving Sustainable Growth Through Innovation” was attended by the company’s suppliers from different parts of the country, management and staff of International Breweries Plc, pressmen, and other stakeholders.

The event kicked off with Managing Director, International Breweries Plc, Hugo Rocha welcoming the suppliers to the event and thanking them for their unwavering support over the years.

“We thank you for the support you have given over the years and ask you to continue supporting the International Breweries brand as we move from being category leaders to leading category growth. As we optimise our business, we want to be known for having core superiority, quality beyond beer, and premiumisation of our brands. We aim to digitise our relationship with more than six million customers globally. We are unlocking value through new businesses; the future is here and we are leading it with innovation,” Rocha said.

International Breweries is one of the top 20 most capitalised companies on the stock exchange with a market capitalisation of ₦147.7 billion. The company’s market share has grown from 24.5 per cent in 2017 to 35.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2022. This milestone is being achieved through the implementation of world-class practices and investing in capacity, seizing growth opportunities and positioning it as the fastest growing contender in the market.

Speaking at the event, Vice President, Procurement and Sustainability, Africa, AB InBev, Rodrigo De Oliveira, congratulated the International Breweries team for putting together an event that enabled the company to show appreciation to its suppliers. He added that relationships with suppliers are vital to maintaining continued collaboration. He also praised the team and its suppliers for achieving 50 years and winning several awards despite operational challenges such as the unfavourable exchange rate.

Representatives from Masterstroke Packages Limited, Ayo Enikanoslu, and Culture Communications Limited, Benson Abayomi, suppliers of the company, explained that they have been with IBPLC as suppliers for about two years and eleven years respectively, noting that the business relationship has been rewarding and profitable despite the economic challenges in the country.

Speaking on “Driving Sustainable Growth through Innovation,” Procurement and Sustainability Director, West Africa, International Breweries Plc, Fayanmira Akintunde said, “No organisation can survive without innovation. Large and small, new and old, for-profit or non-profit organisations all need to keep morphing to succeed, especially, in economies like Nigeria. Among the AB InBev ten principles – we lead change and innovate for our consumers.”

Fayanmira noted the benefits of innovation to IBPLC as improved productivity; reduced cost; increased competitiveness; improved brand recognition and value; longer-term partnership, increased turnover and improved profitability. He also listed the benefits of innovation to suppliers as a catalyst to expanded clientele; reduced waste and costs; positioning ahead of the industry curve; improved brand recognition and value; new partnerships and relationships, and increased market share/bottom line. 

Other speakers were – Regional Brewing & Quality Manager, IBPLC, Sylva Okpara, who spoke on “Enhancing Quality; Change Management”; Compliance Manager, West Africa, IBPLC, Phyllis Amoo-Quaye, who shared insights on “Business Ethics: Building Best Practices to Enhance Partnership”, and Tax Manager, Finance Control, IBPLC, Unubi Abdullahi, who treated the topic “Finance Session – Tax Regulations and Computation”, among others.

Suppliers Day is an annual event organised by International Breweries Plc as a way of showing appreciation and encouraging its suppliers to do more in growing the company, its products and their various supplier stakes in the belief that no part of the business should be left behind.

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