8BM’s CEO Exudes Confidence at the 5th Annual Convening of Impact Investment Foundation

The fast-growing 8BM Freight, a tech-driven logistics company, is currently heaving a sigh of fulfillment following its participation at the 5th annual convening of impact investment foundation in Lagos themed ‘Sustainability”. The 8BM has its headquarters in Lagos and a functional office in Abuja with an enviable profile.

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Tobi Badmus is particularly upbeat about making it to the event. Badmus described the gathering as an amazing platform conceptualized to expand and inspire productivity and connect potential investors to companies who are willing to expand. According to the CEO, the convening on impact investors had several benefits, prominent of which include exposure to the industrial world.

Badmus also said that through it, networking was easy for the participants to meet and interact with potential investors. “Also, you get to know the recent concentration of the economy and companies making impacts in the economy. In addition, it was an eye opener in the sense that you get to see opportunities in everything around you,” he said.

Badmus noted that investing “is a good way to make your money work, but you get potential ideas on where to put your money and balancing it with the economic issues.” In the company of the CEO at the event was Esther Fayati who also reveled every session and pick useful tips to impact their company.

A company’s release indicated that during the breakout session, a panel of Mr Chidozie Uriel Ezike, Head, Environmental & Social Risk Management/Sustainability, United Bank for Africa (UBA) PLC; Dr Natalie Beinisch, Executive Director, Circular Economy Innovation Partnership; and Dr. Tobi Oluwatola, CEO, TAO EnergyJust Energy Transition, discussed the importance of impact investment and the impact it makes in the current economic situation. “We were even blessed to meet Ibrahim Adejuwon the Managing Director/CEO of Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Fatimah Jimanate Umar, SDG Impact Associate of UNDP Nigeria and Yakubu Paiko of GIZ Nigeria & Ecowas.

Speaking further, the CEO said the company had directly and indirectly employed over 200 persons including staff, Key Account Managers, drivers, on-loaders, and off-loaders, adding that it had also registered over 2,000 Trucks on its database and served numerous clients such as OLAM, Dangote, AFEX, Nigeria Flour Mills, and many others. Badmus added that the “company is also committed to creating a better social space through sustainable and climate-friendly logistics services.”

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