Freddy Hirsch introduces texture and stabilizer systems for the food industry

Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, a leading producer and distributor of spices, ingredients and flavours for the food, dairy, confectionary and related industries, has introduced food texture and stabiliser systems to the Nigerian market.

A food stabiliser, when added to food products helps to preserve or even enhance the natural texture, taste, feel-in-the-mouth and presentation of the food, among others. Food stabilisers are particularly employed in bakeries, the dairy industry, the confectionary industry, and sauces in meat processing and oil and fat applications.

According to Kojo Brifo, Managing Director of Freddy Hirsch Nigeria, “The current food situation globally and in Nigeria particularly, makes it imperative for the food industry to become increasingly innovative if we are to achieve the objective of staving off hunger and poverty in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Freddy Hirsch texture and stabiliser solutions said Brifo, “Help to preserve food and minimize wastage and in so doing, help to optimize value for every Naira spent on food.” In addition, “They help to make food more enticing and therefore more appetizing.” These features, said Brifo, impact positively on all segments of the overall food value chain, translating to enhanced value for all the operatives – from food producers and distributors to caterers and most importantly, consumers.

Freddy Hirsch texture and stabiliser solutions said Brifo, “Are the end-result of many years of research and development and reflect a commitment by our organization to continue to provide unparalleled value to the food industry in Nigeria across West Africa.” Brifo added that the stabilizers have been lauded by several food companies including bakeries and ice cream companies which have begun using them.

“We are very encouraged by the positive feedback we continue to receive from the several bakeries, ice-cream companies, dairy companies and others which have begun using these stabilisers.” He added that the company is not resting on its laurels and will continue to innovate in order to deliver value to all stakeholders. “Our vision is to emerge as an indispensable intermediary in the food value chain in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa, providing end-to-end solutions for the entire food industry.” Freddy Hirsch, a food ingredient powerhouse, is the leading and fastest-growing African producer and distributor of food ingredients, flavours, extracts for spices, texture and stabiliser solutions for food, among others, in Africa. It currently has operations in several African countries including Nigeria which is the epicentre of its West Africa operations.

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