7 Facts about the National Domestic Card Scheme System

MYTH: ATMs, Cards will no longer be in use as CBN, NIBSS move to unify Payment through the National Domestic Card Scheme.

FACT: This is FALSE. Existing ATMs, Cards and POS will still function without interruption.

MYTH: The establishment of National Domestic Card Scheme will affect the usage of other card schemes cards such as Mastercard, visa and Verve in Nigeria.

Fact: All other card schemes will go on without disruption. All the schemes will co-exist.

MYTH: There is no benefit to having a National Card Scheme.

FACT: The advantages are enormous. This is the national card scheme which aims to facilitate the growth of Nigeria’s payment eco-system, promote more customized payment services, tighten payment security, deepen financial participation, ensure data sovereignty, eradicate FX dependence as well as many more benefits to the nation. Card holders will enjoy improved affordability and more flexible payment options.

MYTH: CBN is the beneficiary of these new scheme not the users.

FACT: There are numerous government social programs that DSCC Cardholders will enjoy. There will also be opportunities for the growth of financial inclusion, collaboration and employment opportunities.

MYTH: There are no direct benefits from using this card.

FACTRobust reward system, ease of transaction processing and improved affordability.

MYTH: There is no difference between the National Domestic Card Scheme card and other card schemes.

FACT: This is a national domestic card scheme, fully home grown, owned by Government and controlled by the banking industry focused on the Nigerian banking end users.

MYTH: There are no added security features on National Domestic Card Scheme.

FACT: The scheme is driven by best local and global security standards (compliant with EMVco and other global card security standards)

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