Ride, Love, and Eat with Bolt This Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is upon us and we can feel the love in the air. How do you plan to spend the day? With your friends, family, or loved ones 😉?

Whether you plan on a quick getaway, a romantic dinner, or a stay-in at home by yourself, Bolt has incredible offers to mark the day.

In the spirit of love, Bolt is offering a 40% discount on one (1) ride on its ride-hailing platform and one (1) order on the Bolt Food app. With the code ‘RIDELOVEEAT’, Bolt is here to help you elevate your activities and delicacies for the day.

Available to new and existing users, this massive discount will help you either save a little cash to spend later or to use to boost your plans for the day. Remember the picnic on the beach you wanted to have but the venue was too far? With this discount, Bolt is ready to take you there in a safe, fast, and affordable way.

For the dine at home couples or singles, there are hundreds of restaurant vendors listed on the Bolt Food app ready to make your day or night special. Whether you’re craving a high-class three-course meal or local snacks to munch on as you binge your favorite shows, Bolt Food is also at hand.

There’s no better way to connect more with others than with food! Food is the linchpin of society. It bonds us as a people, especially because it helps capture the memories and warmth shared together.

Let Bolt reduce the burden of spending this Valentine’s Day for you. Use the code ‘RIDELOVEEAT’, and experience the thrilling offer made just for you.

To stay informed of all exciting deals, follow Bolt on IG @bolt_nigeria and @boltfoodng.

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