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The Dominion Centre in London was the place to be on March 4, 2023, as fans of CalledOut Music eagerly awaited his highly anticipated “Live In London” concert. The MOBO award-winning singer/songwriter who promised a night of unforgettable music and entertainment, did not disappoint as fans rushed to their seats, eager to witness CalledOut’s incredible performance especially with special guests — Annatoria and Daphne Richardson.

As the doors opened, and CalledOutMusic breathed his first note, the crowd cheered on, singing along to every song he sang! CalledOut Music, known for a voice beyond his years, and an inspiring mind for lyrics, gave a soul-stirring performance that left the audience in awe with a stage presence infectious, as he moved seamlessly from one song to another, captivating the crowd with his passion and talent. 

Where guest artist, Annatoria, graced the stage with complimenting vocals, to deliver a heartwarming performance that left the audience moved by emotions, Daphne Richardson, the final guest artist, closed the show with a riveting performance that left the crowd wanting more.

CalledOutMusic’s “Live In London” concert was truly a night to remember — one that will go down in history as a huge success. It is thus,  safe to say that CalledOut Music and his special guests left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

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