Enjoy 50% Slash in Cold Stone’s Mega Week Sales & The Cr*zy Price Slash-Ice

It is Cold Stone’s favorite moment to take a swirl and enjoy the moment, Cold Stone is always
ready and excited to commit to guilt free indulgence whilst offering premium customer
services. Cold Stone Creamery is ready to love your taste buds even more with all our delicious
flavours and treats we know you adore.
What more can one ask for when it comes to enjoying ice cream scoops that set your tastebuds
on a rich experience? March is shaping up to be creamtastic with Cold Stone, and we are most
certainly here for each yummy treat with every scoop.
Guess what? The sweetest deal is back. Yass! Treat yourself and indulge your loved ones in our
scrumptious tasty ice cream. Take advantage of this Mega week sales deal that gives you 50%
off on Like it and Love it cups, available online only from March 20th -23rd. Sweet deal, yes? It
is online so stay at the comfort of your home and hop on the official Cold Stone website
https://www.coldstonecreamery.ng/ and you and your friends can indulge in all the sweetness
and sumptuous of Cold Stone’s ice cream with all fun included.
But that is not the end of the fun, hang on to your seat as we have you covered all through the
ride. Indulge in the all-new exciting Cr*zy Price Slash-Ice cream, with this offer you will enjoy
50% off all cream cup sizes and flavors on March 24 th .
Our ice cream is the only mouth-watering treat you might ever know. Indulge in the Cold Stone
experience with thousands of ways to mix and match flavours and toppings to appeal to every
Enjoy the Cold Stone experience, relish our delectable desserts and don’t miss out on all our
fantastic deals. You can order online on https://www.coldstonecreamery.ng/ or download the
app on all Apple and IOS devices to enjoy our tasty treats at your convenience.

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