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Savour A Tasty Slice Of Cold Stone’s Cr*zy Price Slash Cake Deal!!!

We never run out of great deals for you! It is a fun and exciting moment with Cold Stone, taste
and enjoy the feeling in all ways, enjoy this fantastic offer to close the month of March. It is all
fun with a present ready to be opened just for you. Delight yourself and your taste buds with a
delicious slice of Cold Stone cake baked with love.
As the center of indulgence, Cold Stone takes every cake lover on an exceptional ride with
flavors and offers that give an unforgettable delightful experience putting a smile on every slice.
It’s an indulgent experience always at Cold Stone and its premium satisfaction at its best.
Enjoy the Crazy Price Slash Cakes offer, unlock the feeling, and get 50% off on all small and large
round cakes, Cr*zy right? But that’s not all, this offer runs until the 31 st of March. Yayyy!!! The
fun is ready to keep you hyped all through the way.
A slice of any of Cold Stone’s exciting cake flavors gives you a magical feeling to satisfy your
taste buds. Indulge yourself and taste the feeling.
With Cold Stone, the fun pack is complete to keep you plugged through the final week of March
with all its amazing offerings looped in just one week.
There is a lot to catch up on. Simply reach out on any of our social media platforms
@coldstonecreamery_nigeria on Instagram @coldstonecreamerynigeria on Facebook and
@coldstone on Twitter. 
Walk into any Cold Stone outlet nearest to you, place orders on the app available on IOS and
Android or simply hop on our website https://www.coldstonecreamery.ng/  and indulge in the

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