Pinkberry Excites Customers With Mindblowing Froyo Thrills This April!!!

It’s always an exciting Froyo experience with Pinkberry. This April, Pinkberry is delivering
varieties of deals that will blow your mind! This is a fantastic chance to give your tastebuds a
mouth-watering surprise as Pinkberry will offer the froyo thrill on every flavor of yoghurt.
It has everything you might desire in a great cup of frozen yoghurt and is guilt-free. So, treat
yourself to a delightful Froyo thrill and enjoy Pinkberry’s all-season goodness. You know it is not
the Pinkberry way if it is not fun and exciting, so take your froyo scoop and do it the Pinkberry
Starting from the 6th of April to the 30th of April, you can cop a medium-sized cup of your
delicious frozen yogurt for just N1000 only. Order now via the Pinkberry website: to taste the amazing Froyo thrills. Exciting right? But that is not all.
Grab the Froyo Thrill offer for as little as N1000 and experience outstanding taste in all varieties
at a pocket-friendly price. That’s how Pinkberry defines guilt-free enjoyment. Experience the
taste with your taste-buds to get a sample of the Pinkberry experience.
Enjoy comfort and ease with the refreshing 50% Pinkberry website deal. Order now via the
Pinkberry website or Pinkberry APP to dive into that exciting & yummy
Pinkberry experience.
For more details on all our deals and offerings, visit any Pinkberry store near you or hop on our
website to order online. Follow us on social media @pinkberrynigeria.
Taste the feeling with Pinkberry…

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