JANETTOTTY launches in Nigeria

Having significantly made some giant strides in the European market in the last 12 years, JANETTTOTTY, a makeup range designed to serve women of colour, has entered into the Nigerian market with two products- 2-in-1 foundation and power.

The brand was launched at The George Hotel, Ikoyi Lagos at the weekend amidst several celebrities in attendance.

Janet Totty is a Nigerian lady, proud of her heritage and unwilling to compromise on her true identity.

According to her, “Over the years, I have learned that true beauty comes from loving and expressing ourselves as we are, and not from struggling towards perfection. Confidence is where true beauty starts.

After 12 years of intensive research in the cosmetic industry in Germany, I was inspired to create an inclusive makeup line that remedies fundamental inadequacies for people who look like me; this is why I decided, through JANETTOTTY, to make quality products available that would suit similar skin tones and be easily accessible across Europe and Africa.”

Janet Totty further stated that “I deeply believe that all people of color should be able to find the right makeup that matches her skin tone and projects her personal style, without having to compromise, sacrifice quality, lose time mixing and matching, or break the bank.

JANETTOTTY’S makeup line is designed to accentuate your natural beauty, not conceal it; and I am committed to helping all people of color feel confident and beautiful. I will forever stand by those values no matter what, “she added.

Speaking on the products, Brand Manager JANETTOTTY Nigeria, Kachi Agaecheta said, “Perfect complexion 2-in1 foundation is a lightweight, soft matte, silky touch, medium to full coverage, and a long-lasting magic foundation that improves the complexion. This is available in 4 shades adding that “All actives provide intense hydration and a youthful glow. Vegan and oil-free; doesn’t contain either Cyclopentasiloxane/D5 or microplastics,” she said.

On powder, she stated that “Ultra-fine mattifying setting powder blends easily with the skin and leaves a light silky layer. Its weightless texture applies uniformly for a natural effect and is perfect for adding a finishing touch to a makeup.”

Explaining how the organisation started, Janet Totty stated that it is a dream from the start. “As a kid growing up in Nigeria, you witnessed your aunties using this brown powder that was reigning at the time, so, it has always been a dream and when I travelled to Europe, I noticed that there were not enough products for people of colour like us who live there.

Therefore, the motivation to create something like this grew and from there, I took upon myself to create JANETTOTTY and it has been doing very well in the European market.”

With JANETTOTTY, there are no more excuses preventing you from radiating; it is time to find your perfect match!

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