Nigerian students in Sudan: Ignoring pleas for help

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has exposed the plight of Nigerian students studying in Sudan. The students are now in the middle of a conflict and their lives and education are in danger. Despite the cries of the Nigerian students, the Nigerian government ignored their pleas and allowed them to become self-sufficient in a foreign country.

The conflict in Sudan has been going on for years, with the government fighting rebel groups in the southern provinces. The conflict has displaced millions of people and impacted the education of Sudanese students. Nigerian students in particular have been severely affected by the conflict, with many students unable to complete their studies due to the risks posed by the conflict. One of the biggest problems facing Nigerian students in Sudan is the lack of security. The conflict made it difficult for students to move freely, and many students were forced to stay indoors for fear of being caught in the crossfire. This has disrupted my learning as I cannot attend classes or participate in other academic activities.

Nigerian students in Sudan face security as well as financial challenges. Many of them are unable to pay school fees and struggle to meet basic needs such as food and shelter. This has resulted in many students dropping out of school and others living in precarious conditions. Despite these difficulties, Nigerian students in Sudan sought help, but most ended up deaf. The Nigerian government has let its citizens study in Sudan to become self-sufficient abroad without adequately supporting them. The government’s indifference to the plight of Nigerian students in Sudan has left them feeling discouraged, abandoned and hopeless.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that many Nigerian students from Sudan are unable to return to Nigeria due to high travel costs and lack of available flights. This left them stranded in Sudan with no clear way forward. Some students seek help on social media, but their calls for help rarely go unanswered. The lack of support from the Nigerian government has led Nigerian students in Sudan to disturb their country. Many of them felt the government had failed in the crisis and were disappointed by the lack of support. This may erode trust between students and the government, which may have long-term effects on Nigerian-government relations.

The plight of Nigerian students in Sudan is a microcosm of a larger problem facing the Nigerian government in dealing with the conflict in Sudan. The government has been criticized for not acting to resolve the conflict and not providing enough support to citizens caught up in the conflict. This has created frustration and hopelessness among Nigerians who feel that the government is not sufficiently protecting their interests. Finally, the cry of Nigerian students in Sudan cannot be ignored. The Nigerian government should support its citizens studying in Sudan and work to resolve internal disputes. Failure to do so will create more anger and hostility among Nigerians and could have long-term consequences for Nigerian-government relations. It is time for the Nigerian government to step up and provide much needed assistance to the citizens of Sudan.

Written by

Ohore Emmanuel U

MBA students@

Altinbas University ,Istanbul ,Turkey

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