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Rebuild Lagos Trust Fund unveils an upgraded Iga Idunganran Primary Healthcare Centre

“The primary healthcare centre is a prioritized project. A critical community need and
infrastructure – to alleviate the clamour of its residents for adequate medical services and
access to affordable Primary Healthcare (PHC). It is fundamental to meeting the health
needs and deserved quality of life that should be the right of every citizen within the Iga
Idungaran milling population as well as promises comprehensive and accessible healthcare
to the untold number of tourists that the community welcomes yearly”.

Lagos, Nigeria, May 2023: Rebuild Lagos Trust Fund (RLTF) LTD / GTE a non-profit, public-
private partnership (PPP) also referred to as “The Fund” or “RLTF” has recorded another
significant milestone in the portfolio of its six flagship projects–the completed rehabilitation
and extensive upgrade of the Iga Idungaran Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC).
The development comes days after the NGO took members of the press and stakeholders
on a site tour of progress made at its High Court of Lagos, Igbosere reconstruction project.
The commissioning championed by the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu in the
presence of community members, state officials, dignitaries, collaborators, and stakeholders
is regarded as momentous in ongoing efforts on the development and sustainability of
healthcare infrastructure in Lagos State.
It may be recalled that in the aftermath of the October 2020 unrest, the Iga Idunganran PHC
was one of Lagos State’s public health infrastructures that were adversely impacted. The
critical community health facility was rendered nearly moribund for health-integrated
services, provision, and supply of essential drugs and comprehensive health monitoring and
evaluation for the Lagos Island community residents. Hence, the urgency to rehabilitate and
upgrade the facility.
According to The Fund’s chief executive and project director, Engr. Olujimi Hotonu, the now
fully restored healthcare centre with extensive medical upgrades was made possible by
Rebuild Lagos Trust Fund’s collaboration with its principal donor – Zenith Bank PLC, the
administration of Mr Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Oba of Lagos, His Royal Highness,
Alaiyeluwa Oba Rilwanu Babatunde Osuolale Aremu Akiolu I and a Medical Advisory
Committee (MAC) of expert medical and healthcare professionals.
The Iga Idunganran PHC on Adeniji Adele Road, Lagos Island was built by Zenith Bank Plc in
2011 as a government-run healthcare facility that serves the Iga Idunganran community and

Engr. Hotonu posited that situated in Ward B1 within the axis of the Oba of Lagos’ Iga
Idunganran palace, the facility is the most comprehensive primary healthcare centre in the
Lagos Island Local Government Area (LGA).
That the centre grants healthcare to another four of the ten wards in the LGA. They are
wards B2, C1, C2 and C3. However, the expansiveness of the facility avails traders,
commuters, visitors, and residents from other wards the opportunity to benefit from its
Aside from health provisioning services to the indigenes and residents of the Iga Idungaran
area – the PHC has also been structured with capacities to take care of the healthcare needs
of 1% of the estimated 4.5 million people who only trade and commute to and from the
Lagos Island local government area per year. This amounts to an average of 45,000 non-
community residents per year and an average of 123 persons per day.
Consequently, the extensive renovation and upgrade to the PHC will enhance the quality of
healthcare services available to the citizens of Lagos. The state-of-the-art facility now boasts
modern amenities, advanced medical equipment, and an expanded capacity to cater to the
growing healthcare needs of the community with the introduction of a comprehensive ENT
Clinic, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic and Tuberculosis Screening Centre.
In closing statements, Engr. Hotonu thanked Zenith Bank PLC for its pivotal role in making
the project a reality. That the generous contributions made by the financial institution have
enabled the renovation and upgrade of the healthcare centre, demonstrating their
unwavering commitment to the well-being of the communities they serve.
He expressed his gratitude to the dedicated Board of Directors of The Fund chaired by Dr.
Yemi Cardoso for the invaluable governance, expertise and collaborative approach adopted
across RLTF projects that has materialized in yet another celebratory milestone as the PHC,
Iga Idungaran.
While adding that the renovated healthcare centre would not have met the highest
standards of excellence without the members of the Rebuild Lagos Trust Funds Medical
Advisory Committee who guided The Fund through the redevelopment and upgrade of the
Primary Health Care Centre from start to completion.

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