Excitement and anticipation as OPPO’s new A78 device set to hit the Nigerian market

On the heels of their most recent entrant into the market, Reno 8T, the premium phone brand, OPPO
is set to launch yet another device that would have everyone buzzing with its specially designed
features taking phone experience to new heights.
The new device christened, A78 which will be available for purchase in a few days, will stand head and
shoulders above other mid-range devices in its category. From the technologically advanced features
such as its screen resolution, photography features, charging speed and more, OPPO has spared no
expense in ensuring that this newly minted device will be everything and more to its teeming
customers across the country.
Speaking about her love for OPPO phones, a customer, Ngozi Obikwelu, who works as a digital
manager said, “Many factors influence a consumer’s decision to purchase a smartphone, namely; the
number of smart high-tech features, the phone’s stylish design, or its compact size. However, if there
is one element that can completely turn someone into a loyal fan of a brand, it has to be product
quality. Product quality is what we loyal OPPO customers think the brand has mastered over time and
we love them for it”. She added
With tens of millions of users around the world, OPPO has built its reputation on strict end-to-end
quality controls, covering everything from design and manufacturing to quality inspection and after-
sales services. These processes are based on a relentless pursuit of attaining the high quality in both
product and service, ultimately giving users comprehensive assurance when purchasing a product.
OPPO’s teeming customers in Nigeria can’t wait to behold the new device which is the sleekest as far
as designs go in its category, its fittings with the state-of-the-art features that have been painstakingly
developed by a team of renowned experts working tirelessly to produce the most effective mid-range
smartphone tailored to the growing needs of the brand’s current and potential customers. So,
whether you are a budding content creator, a music or movies enthusiast, this new device is primed
to be a perfect choice to own.

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