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9mobile Brand Ambassadors Kickstart Engaging Experience with Staff and Customers

Two of the 9mobile Brand Ambassadors,
Beauty Tukura and Franklyn Ikemefune, popularly known ‘Samo
Agbero’/’Vader the Wildcard’ recently kicked off exhilarating and
interactive engagements with staff and customers of the company to
foster strong relationships and create memorable experiences within
the 9mobile communities.
The two brand ambassadors hosted a ‘Meet and Greet’ session with
9mobile staff at the E-care centre and engaged directly with
customers by serving as customer service personnel.
Director of Customer Care, Ehimare Omoike, who received the brand
ambassadors at the E-care centre expressed his enthusiasm about the
engagement, stating, “At 9mobile, our customers and staff are at the
heart of everything we do. It reflects our commitment to fostering
meaningful connections with them. We believe these interactions will
strengthen our relationships and enable us to continuously improve
our services and offerings.”
The 9mobile brand ambassadors, Beauty Tukura and Samo
Agbero/Vader the Wildcard, also had an exclusive movie night out
with their fans and loyal customers of 9mobile as part of their
continued engagement and interaction with customers to share their
experiences and offer valuable feedback.
9mobile recently unveiled three brand ambassadors, Beauty Tukura,
Daniel Benson, popularly known as ‘BNXN’ and Franklyn Ikemefune,
popularly known as ‘Samo Agbero’/’Vader the Wildcard’ as brand
ambassadors. The brand ambassadors’ uniqueness, youthfulness,
talent, innovation, and ability to relate to a broad audience align with
9mobile’s commitment to encouraging people to realize their hopes
and aspirations.
The signing of BNXN, Beauty, and ‘Samo Agbero/Vader the Wild Card’
as brand ambassadors is aimed at reinforcing 9mobile’s commitment

to providing innovative and superior telecommunications services to
its esteemed customers.
9mobile provides its customers with outstanding telecommunications
solutions and gives them the tools they need to prosper in a
connected world.

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