Young People Find Help for Mental Health on One of The
Most Visited Religious Websites in the World

JW.ORG, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, addresses tough adolescent issues and

provides Bible-based practical solutions.

Amidst a worldwide mental health crisis affecting young people
across the globe, thousands have found practical help on one of the most visited religious
websites in the world.
JW.ORG, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, has content in more than 1,080 languages
and is where youths all around the world are easily accessing Bible-based information to find
answers to questions such as:
 How Can I Deal With Depression?
 Why Do I Cut Myself?
 What if I Don’t Want to Live Anymore?
When anxious, 18 -year-old Samuel Adunbarin, of Abuja, finds useful articles, videos, and
audio recordings on the global nonprofit’s website. “I have been able to find useful content
on how to fight loneliness, deal with peer pressure and bullying. The well-researched Bible-
based answers are most helpful,” said Samuel. “The Bible has a soothing effect on
While one study calculated that one in eight people struggles with a mental health disorder, the
World Health Organization reports that depression and anxiety are among the leading causes of
illness and disability among adolescents. Violence, poverty, stigma, and exclusion among other
factors can impact their mental health.
Realizing the issues that young people face, the United Nations promotes the yearly
commemoration of International Youth Day on August 12. The observance asks communities to
not only recognize and address the challenges of adolescents but also to celebrate their
As part of their ongoing global initiative to show community members how the Bible improves
lives, Jehovah’s Witnesses aim to help youths realize their potential, strength, and value through
a study of the Scriptures. Suzy finds that her faith supports her mental health.

“I feel included, loved, and appreciated by my congregation,” said Samuel. “At a time, I felt
the absence of a biological father, it was so reassuring to note that I have a heavenly father
Jehovah’s Witnesses also have a robust schedule of worship, fellowship, and volunteer ministry
work that is instrumental in promoting positivity and a sense of belonging in the lives of young
people. There are nearly 9 million Witnesses worldwide who regularly endeavour to share
hope from the Scriptures with anyone they meet. They also gather twice weekly at their places
of worship called Kingdom Halls where young and old fellowship as they learn about the Bible.
“When they are telling others about a wonderful hope for the future from the Bible, young
people can look beyond their own issues and see how they can make other people happy. Jesus
did say there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving,” said regional spokesman for
Jehovah’s Witnesses Femi Akinlade. “Also, being part of a united, global organization of
worshippers reminds our young people that they are not alone.”
To find practical Bible-based help for young people visit > Bible Teachings > Teenagers. All
content is free to access and a login is not required.

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