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How Cytek is Advancing Cybersecurity in Nigeria

A cyberattack occurs globally, once every 39 seconds, according to a study by the University of
Maryland. In fact, an estimated 30,000 websites are hacked every day. In Nigeria, both private and
public sectors are affected by the rise of cyberattacks. Most recently, during the latest elections in
Nigeria, over 12 million cyberattacks were recorded. The ripple effect of constant security threats
can foster long term economic setbacks in the country.
A look at the numbers
Nigeria’s internet connectivity has grown exponentially. A report by datareportal, shows that in the
first quarter of 2023, there were 122.5 million internet users in Nigeria, and internet penetration
stood at 55.4 percent. The report also states that Nigeria was home to almost 32 million social media
users in January 2023: that’s equal to 14.3 percent of the country’s total population.
This advancement in connectivity has exposed more people, governments, and businesses in the
country to more cyber threats. In addition, the evolution of work has seen many businesses in
Nigeria embrace remote work, causing more people to be vulnerable to several cyberattacks such as
phishing, email and phone scams, and impersonation, amongst others.
Other cybersecurity challenges include the use of different legacy systems, vulnerabilities in the
supply chain, an ever-changing threat landscape, and most especially a lack of employee awareness.
The impacts of these on businesses are financial losses, reputational damage, and regulatory fines.
Cyber security through Cytek
In response to these threats, Cytek has emerged as a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions in
Nigeria. Cytek counts on a top tier team of cyber security experts who have established and
managed numerous high-profile cyber defense projects. Cytek experts have set up secure data
centers and security operation centers spanning various sectors, including financial, critical
infrastructure and more.
Cytek’s implementation work leverages a combination of proprietary IP, experience and
methodologies, which were developed over years of delivering defense projects all over the world
The Support of YNV Group
Under YNV Group umbrella, Cytek joins other companies leading in their respective fields, such as
Tek Experts and elev8. Cytek recently announced a new Security Operations Center (SOC) in Lagos in
as a joint effort with Tek Experts in their campus on Victoria Island. The new SOC is backed by
Microsoft’s industry leading, AI-enabled Sentinel platform and will deliver 24/7 protection for
government entities and organizations that do businesses in Nigeria and West Africa.
Cytek also works with elev8 to provide cyber security training and upskilling to business and
government organizations. Elev8 works to empower organizations to shape their digital
transformation journeys through cyber security awareness training, in conjunction with Cytek.
Multi-faceted cyber security approach
Cytek’s expert consultants start with a cyber security gap analysis and then identify clear ways to
improve the organization’s security posture. The advisory team designs an implementation roadmap
to quickly help fill the gaps in the cyber security infrastructure. But it doesn’t stop there. Cytek also

provides the managed security services that continue to keep your organization safe in the face of
multiple and ever-changing cyber threats.
Cytek’s team of cybersecurity professionals have a deep understanding of the Nigerian market and
the unique challenges that businesses and the government face. The company’s solutions are
designed to help organizations protect their data, systems, and assets from cyberattacks.
In addition, Cytek, provides organizations with real-time, round-the-clock monitoring to keep them
safe in the face of multiple and ever-changing cyber threats. Also, to increase awareness of cyber
security and bridge the skill gap, Cytek provides training, skilling, and tailored employee learning
Ready to improve your security coverage? Contact Cytek.

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