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Nimbus Media and FBNQuest Partner to Support Women-Led Businesses

Nimbus Media Ltd, a pioneer destination out-of-home advertising company, has partnered
with FBNQuest, the investment banking and asset management subsidiary of FBNHoldings
Plc, to announce a strategic partnership for the Nimbus Aid Project. This collaboration
underscores a shared commitment to empowering women-led businesses by providing
them with advertising and marketing support to enhance their brand visibility and
FBNQuest is partnering with Nimbus Media on this initiative to empower 40 women-led
businesses. Through this collaboration, these businesses will receive tailored advertising and
marketing support to amplify their market reach and solidify their brand reputation.
Wale Adegoke, CEO of Nimbus Media, and the Convener of the Nimbus Aid Project,
expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This partnership with FBNQuest
marks a significant milestone for the Nimbus Aid Project. By combining our expertise and
resources, we can uplift women-led businesses, foster economic growth, and contribute to a
more inclusive business landscape.”
Funke Shobanjo, Head of Strategy and Transformation at FBNQuest Merchant Bank, shared
her perspective on the collaboration. “FBNQuest is committed to supporting initiatives that
promote sustainable growth and women’s empowerment,” she said. The partnership with
Nimbus Media on the Nimbus Aid Project aligns seamlessly with our corporate responsibility
and sustainability (CR&S) commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, gender diversity and
inclusion, and socio-economic development in Nigeria.
Women-led SMEs in Nigeria encounter diverse challenges in the business landscape. Gender
inequality and limited access to capital often hinder growth and innovation. Moreover, the
struggle to access new markets beyond local boundaries limits growth prospects for many
women-led SMEs.
Addressing these challenges is central to the Nimbus Aid Project’s mission, and successful
SMEs will gain access to marketing and brand-building resources to drive their business
Established in 2016, the Nimbus Aid Project has supported businesses and social impact
organisations to harness the power of nationwide outdoor advertising on Nimbus Media
screens. In 2022, the project extended its reach to support ten women-led businesses, each
receiving N2 million worth of advertising support, enhancing their market exposure and
Interested women-led businesses are invited to apply for the 2023 edition of the Nimbus
Aid Project by visiting https://www.nimbus.com.ng/nimbus-aid-project. Deadline for
applications is September 8, 2023.

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