How OPPO deployed its end-to-end quality assurance promise to develop A78

For world’s leading mobile device manufacturer OPPO, it is satisfying the
increasing need of its teeming customers with technologically superior devices in
the market place. To achieve this, OPPO believes in partnering the world’s top
suppliers to guarantee quality from the ground up.
In order to manufacture its devices such as the A78, OPPO went into strategic
partnership with many top suppliers to supply the components that make up the
smartphone. For instance, its formidable screen is as a result of parentship with
renowned glass suppliers such as Corning and Schott. By partnering with the top
suppliers, OPPO is able to manufacture the precise customized, high-quality
components needed to ensure the quality of its end products from the most
fundamental level.
To further guarantee the quality of A78 device that would come off the
production line, OPPO worked with its partners to establish dedicated support
teams, specialized production lines, and even specialized factories exclusively for
OPPO. All components destined for use in OPPO A78 device were produced in
these facilities, which are maintained to the highest standards in the industry.
Every worker had OPPO’s extensive pre-work training, including familiarization
with OPPO technical documents, and having OPPO technical requirements
embedded into the facility’s internal manufacturing processes.
All OPPO devices go through rigorous process controls. Even if a smartphone is
manufactured according to rigorous production methods, the device still needs to
be tested before it reaches the market. All OPPO products are required to pass
quality and reliability verification on their components, production lines and
complete devices. Further to this, independent quality controls are carried out
across the entire manufacturing process, including pre- and post-assembly,
installation, and completed device stages. These methods ensure that only
devices fit for market are introduced.
Part of the role of OPPO’s R&D personnel involves taking specific user needs and
transforming them into higher quality user experiences through tailored product
design. Good product design is more than just appearances ¬– it requires
guaranteeing that every feature and every aspect of the device delivers on its
promise to users.

In order to bring to life, the imaginative design of A78, OPPO carried out hundreds
of trials, including material selection, testing of the manufacturing process, quality
verification and months of technical testing before it was brought to consumers
as a finished smartphone.
After the design and manufacture stages, more testing was carried out on A78 to
fully guarantee that the finished product meets OPPO’s high standards before it
arrived on the market.
OPPO A78 passed through established quality testing centers in China, India, and
Indonesia, wherein professional quality teams made up of hundreds of engineers
and technical experts assessed the device. OPPO’s quality laboratory accredited
by authorities such as the China National Accreditation Service performed
Conformity Assessment. In these quality testing centers, OPPO products such as
A78 need to pass more than 130 ultra-rigorous reliability tests, 320 experimental
tests and several other tests before they are deemed fit for the market.
OPPO will continue to make quality a cornerstone of its commitment to
consumers, bringing users reliable products and high-quality services through its
end-to-end quality assurance program. Customers need not worry about the
quality of A78 for indeed, it ticks all the boxes of quality and affordable luxury.

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