From Naija to the World: Nigerian Stories Landing on Netflix’s Top 10 Lists Around the World

Netflix Global Top 10 is the sole platform that ranks the best-performing Netflix films and TV shows; and has
featured Anikulapo, Jagun Jagun, The Black Book, showing how Netflix invests in great storytelling in


Nigerian stories are performing comparatively on a global stage and have found their way into the screens and
hearts of audiences worldwide. Several Nollywood productions have topped viewers’ choices locally and
excelled globally. Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo peaked at #1, Femi Adebayo’s Jagun Jagun at #6, Mo Abudu’s
Blood Sisters and Okechukwu Ogunjiofor’s Amina at #9, Charles Okpaleke’s Glamour Girls at #5, and most
recently, Editi Effiong’s The Black Book at #4 on the Netflix Global Top 10 list.

As Nigeria celebrates its 63 rd independence anniversary, Nollywood, the country’s vibrant and influential film
industry, is a near-perfect picture of Nigeria’s resilience and growth through the years. Over time, Nollywood
has shined as a cultural and entertainment powerhouse, captivating audiences with its unique story. More
recently, the film industry has grown with the support of investments from streaming platforms such as
Netflix, allowing the sector to perform excellently on a global stage.

In 2023, Netflix strengthened its investment in remarkable storytelling in Nigeria by announcing an exciting
and diverse slate of upcoming films and series. Part of the result is Femi Adebayo’s Jagun Jagun and Editi
Effiong’s The Black Book, which both made it to the Netflix Global Top 10 list, the official platform for
discovering the best-performing films and TV shows on Netflix globally. Jagun Jagun climbed to the top 10
trending movies on Netflix in more than 18 countries, while The Black Book entered the global top ten list in 38
countries less than a week after its release.

The slate of upcoming films and series also includes returning fan favourites from various genres and themes,
including new local films and series from Mo Abudu, Charles Okpaleke, Kunle Afolayan, and Kemi Adetiba. The
titles are currently in different stages of production and will make their debut on Netflix to over 238 million
members around the world in more than 190 countries throughout the last quarter of the year and the
beginning of 2024.

In its recent sub-Saharan Africa impact report from 2016 – 2022, Netflix has invested USD 23 million in 286
local licensed titles, co-produced, and commissioned content in Nigeria. This investment birthed the creation
of popular Nigerian Netflix originals, including Aníkúlápó, Blood Sisters, Shanty Town, King of Boys, and Far
from Home, among others, which all ranked highly on the streaming platform.
With the recent success of Nollywood movies locally and globally and increased investment in quality
storytelling, it is expected that more Nollywood titles to reach the Netflix Top Ten list globally. This list is
updated every Tuesday weekly at 7 PM Nigerian time and is the only verified source to see the best-
performing films and TV shows on Netflix.

The achievements of Nollywood productions on Netflix locally and globally mark a historic milestone for
Nollywood films and is something to celebrate as Nigeria marks its 63 rd independence anniversary. Likewise,
Netflix’s investment in great storytelling directly relates to its commitment to long-term support for Nigeria’s
film industry. The streaming giant will continue working with filmmakers from Nigeria to grow its wide variety
of best-in-class movies and series while creating global opportunities for them.

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