2023 Beacon of Safety Awards to Chrisland Schools Come Under Attack as Stakeholders probe Organizer’s Transparency

Education Consultant and Organizer of the Beacon of Safety Award in Lagos State, Bisi Esuruosho has come under heavy public scrutiny following her gifting of 12 out of 25 “safety Awards” to Chrisland Schools, with some schools owners in Lagos who requested anonymity stating clearly that Bisi Esuruoso was up to a self serving agenda.

The awards organized by Bisi Esuruosho held at the Civic Centre in Victoria Island a fortnight ago witnessed some divergent views as Chrisland Schools in Lekki, Ladipo Oluwole Ikeja, Victoria Garden City (VGC), Festac, Idimu, Ikeja, Opebi and others branches carted home 12 awards.

Early this year, a student of Chrisland Schools, Ikeja, Whitney Adeniran had slumped and died during the school inter-house sports activities at Agege Stadium and the controversial incident had allegedly occurred due to lack of safety and health measures at the venue.

The outcome of the 2023 awards has been highly contentious, with some parents and school owners cautioning Lagos State government not to put itself within controversial and divisive award protects. It also called on the state government to probe the process that produced Chrisland Schools as the receiver of safety awards while the same schools

 have been embroiled in safety chaos in recent times.

 According to one of the attendees of the event who narrated her experience, he said “I was invited to Beacon of Safety Awards last week where Chrisland received 12 of the awards, which was shocking. Chrisland Schools received a safety award as one of its honors, yet the school is in chaos because of poorly implemented safety measures”.  How did Bisi Esuruoso arrive at giving Chrisland schools the 12 awards she gave them so indiscreetly”? she added.

Querying some of the procedures that produced the winners, a parent who pleaded anonymity asked “What right does Bisi Esuruosho have? Exactly how were the Awards decided? What standards apply? Out of the 5,000 approved and accredited private schools in Lagos, why did Chrisland Schools receive 12 out of 25 Awards” adding that “Is Bisi Esuruosho predicting the outcome of the ongoing Chrisland investigation? Does she require something from Chrisland? I think Chrisland need to be careful before arousing public suspicion of them using Bisi Esuruoso for unscrupulous purposes.”. 

During the awards, the Commissioner of Education in Lagos State was seen presenting the ‘Beacon of Safety’ award to Chrisland Schools, which has also cast a dark cloud on the legitimacy of the award particularly as the state is in court with the schools over the death of late Miss Adeniran.

According to a teacher, “Why was the commissioner presenting Chrisland with the “Beacon of Safety” award” when they are supposed to be neutral until the investigations and final arbitration of the issues on ground,” he queried.

In another reaction, a private school owner who was at the event and spoke with our reporter said, “What we are worried about is this woman, Bisi Esuruoso categorically stating that Lagos government depends on her to write reports on schools that flout safety regulations. And for giving Chrisland 12 awards now, she handed them an open cheque as nearly the best of all. Who appointed her to such alpha and omega powerful role? There is a video going round on social media. Go and look at it where she was saying the DG of Lagos Safety Commission depends on her for reports to reopen embattled schools? She even gave the DG award too. And then same person is hobnobbing with Chrisland? Pushing majority of so called safety Awards in their direction? Someone needs to explain to us what’s going on?”

As it stands,  many schools in Lagos have distanced themselves from the awards and they have called on the school and safety authorities and state government to commence investigations to ascertain the true situation concerning the 2023 Beacon of Safety awards. A Lagos State government official who would not want her name to be mentioned said “As far as we are concerned, the person who has the duty to state which schools passes the quality control test is the DG, Quality Assurance. Wherever this Bisi Esuruoso gets whatever she’s saying from should be carefully examined. We cannot be confusing public about where we stand.

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