Aquafresh celebrates PR-led success with ‘Every day can be a big day’ campaign

It’s more than just brushing our teeth, it’s the first step we take every morning as we get ready to take the world by storm. It’s that time of day where we take that first look at ourselves in the mirror and say with confidence, “today is going to be a big day”. Or, as leading oral healthcare brand, Aquafresh has positioned it in their latest campaign, ‘Every day can be a big day’.

With over 8 million impressions across Instagram and Facebook, this campaign has not only spurred an important conversation, but significantly bolstered the success of the Aquafresh Complete Care range.

Born from the notion that everyday confidence can begin with good oral health, the campaign aimed to inspire a consumer to elevate their Aquafresh journey. This culminated in the creation of a multi-channel PR-led campaign that subverted expectations and flipped the script on traditional toothpaste marketing.

Mamabua Molepo, Brand Manager at Aquafresh says, “Confidence is often the core of who we are and who we are able to become, regardless of age. While it isn’t the full picture, I sincerely believe confidence starts with a healthy mouth. So, if you can be proud of your mouth, you are on your way to being proud of yourself, and that’s what everyday confidence is all about.”

To bring the campaign to life, Aquafresh facilitated brand partnerships with four prominent personalities across entertainment and fashion. This included Nelisiwe SibiyaAldecia JohnsonNicole Bessick, and The Funny Chef. Together, they created short videos of compelling scenarios that showcase the importance of meeting each day and the possibilities it brings with confidence.

The success of this campaign was further strengthened by the launch of a TVC in 2021 featuring national inspiration and Springbok hero, Siya Kolisi, which has been widely praised by South African consumers. This recognition has led to Aquafresh being selected as one of a South Africa’s favourites in various consumer choice awards.

“This campaign highlights the impact a solid campaign can have through a relatable message that remains relevant over time,” says Molepo.

Molepo says it shows Aquafresh’s commitment to recognising and celebrating the importance of inner confidence. “We may contribute to this by offering oral care products crafted to deliver exceptional oral hygiene, but we have to build a bigger conversation. We aren’t just a toothpaste; we are a source of inner confidence that can truly change the course of our lives. By tapping into this, we have elevated the conversation and turned toothpaste marketing on its head.”

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