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Xiaomi Ascends to No. 2 Smartphone Vendor in Nigeria, Unveils Game-Changing Redmi 13c

Global smartphone and electronics leader, Xiaomi, is proud to announce its emergence as a
formidable force, achieving the remarkable status of the No. 2 smartphone vendor in the third
quarter of this year, as reported by Canalys. With a significant market share of 19%, Xiaomi has not
only asserted its presence but has also surpassed industry stalwart Samsung, which holds a 7%
market share in Nigeria.
The latest report from Canalys reveals a shift in the smartphone vendor landscape, with Xiaomi’s
impressive market share of 19% making it the second-largest smartphone vendor in Nigeria.
This feat speaks volumes about Xiaomi’s strategic approach and its unwavering commitment to
providing cutting-edge technology to the Nigerian consumer while also indicating Xiaomi’s ability to
understand and cater to the unique needs of various consumers with preeminent mobile experience.
The major reason for this ascent in the Nigerian competitive market lies in the prowess of Xiaomi’s
powerful and feature-rich products that consistently exceed customer expectations while staying true
to the promises of quality products with a continuous introduction of innovation.
As Xiaomi continues its journey of innovation and market dominance in Nigeria, the company
remains committed to providing cutting-edge technology tailored to the needs of the Nigerian

Introducing the Redmi 13C: Unleashing Innovation, Captivating the Nigerian Market

Riding high on this milestone, Xiaomi has proudly unveiled the Redmi 13C – a device that sets new
standard of excellence and promises to redefine the smartphone experience and to wrap-up the year
with another amazing device for its consumers. This latest addition to the Redmi family brings a host
of features together with style.
Redmi 13C is not just a smartphone; it’s an embodiment of Xiaomi’s dedication to delivering
innovative and accessible technology and to also impress the Nigerian market with additional
amazing devices that will redefine user expectations and provide an unparalleled experience.
Key Features of the Redmi 13C:
Design and Display
This super smartphone is equipped with sleek and stylish design at just 8.0mm slim which makes it
super comfortable to hold and use. With its large 6.74″ display, and a 90Hz refresh rate, the Redmi
13C offers an immersive visual experience, ideal for gaming, streaming, and everyday use. It is also
equipped with an amazing screen that will leave you never looking back.
Redmi 13C is TUVRheinland certified as it protects eyes from visual fatigue because the display
comes with both TÜV Low Blue Light certification and TÜV Flicker-Free certification.
Camera System
The Redmi 13C comes with a 50MP triple camera system and Powerful hardware with improved
image processing to deliver amazing images, day and night. It also comes with a film camera which
enables users the ability to capture every picture uniquely with a set of filters that emulate real,
classic film camera styles.

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