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Theo By Lisa unveils visionary digital learning tool across Africa

THEO by Lisa, a pioneer in revolutionizing young minds through digital education, has announced a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for children in Africa. This programme seeks to reshape how young children access education by distributing THEO digital tablets with innovative technology that enables all children access to education resources without internet access across various locations in Africa.

The distribution of THEO digital tablets targets young students in basic primary classes, aiming to enhance academic performance and digital literacy for a smoother transition to junior secondary school. To access more information about Theo by Lisa visit www.theo.lisacademy.net

Founder/CEO, ‘Theo By Lisa’, Dammy Feyide stated that Theo is a revolutionary digital learning platform for children aged 9 to 15, integrates cutting-edge technology with a comprehensive curriculum. 

Developed by CEO of THEO by Lisa, the platform fosters curiosity, creativity, and active participation. It offers a diverse curriculum, interactive content with videos and quizzes, progress tracking for teachers and parents, customization based on learning styles, offline accessibility, and resources for common entrance exams.

According to her, “We invite generous individuals, organizations, and advocates to join us in supporting THEO’s mission to enhance young learning across Africa. Your contributions and donations will play a vital role in empowering the next generation through innovative digital education. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the educational landscape for children in need.”

Feyide expressed enthusiasm about THEO Tablets, stating, “We are committed to leveraging technology to empower the next generation, especially young children, with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.” THEO by Lisa remains dedicated to using technology to empower and prepare the next generation for success.”

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