IATF2023 exceeds targets with recorded deals worth up to US$43.8 billion

African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) announces that the third Intra-African Trade Fair
(IATF2023) held in Cairo from 9 to 15 November witnessed the conclusion of business deals and
transactions valued at US$43.8 billion.
In the final tallies released in Cairo, the organisers of the continental event said that the amount
represented the value of 426 deals concluded in 21 sectors covering 52 countries. At a press
conference to announce the results, Mrs Kanayo Awani, Executive Vice President (Intra-African
Trade Bank) at Afreximbank, also announced that 130 countries participated in the trade fair, which
attracted 1,939 exhibitors and 28,282 participants who attended physically and through the IATF
virtual platform.
One of the notable transactions included the Export Agriculture for Food Security Framework
executed by several African countries (as Origin Countries) and ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms,
Arise IIP (as Anchor Investor) to which Afreximbank committed US$2 billion to boost production,
processing, and intra-African trade in agricultural products and to provide African farmers and
agribusinesses with opportunities to access larger markets across the continent.
Mrs Awani also said that the IATF had successfully established itself as the premier trade and
investment event in Africa, with the unique capacity to increase intra-African trade and investment,
especially in the context of implementing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
“Building on the successes of IATF2018 and IATF2021, I am proud to say that the buzz and energy
generated by IATF2023 will be felt across Africa and beyond for many years to come. Together, we
have explored new possibilities and opened new doors for a brighter future for our continent” she
IATF2023 kicked off on 9 November and included an official opening ceremony, a Presidential
Summit which was addressed by President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of the Arab Republic of Egypt, a Trade
and Investment Forum, the Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX), an African Auto Forum, AU Youth
Entrepreneurship Programme, a Sub-Sovereigns Conference, a Diaspora Summit, an African
Industrialization Week and an African Tourism Sustainability and Investment Forum. A series of side
events were also held as part of the trade fair.
The next edition of the IATF will be hosted in 2025 by Algeria.




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