Akada Children’s Book Festival (ACBF) Awarded 2023 Brittle Paper Literary Platform of the Year

…award recognizes individuals who have done outstanding work in advancing African literary culture and industry in the given year.

The Akada Children’s Book Festival (ACBF), Nigeria’s premier
children’s book festival, has been named the 2023 Brittle Paper Literary Platform of the Year. This
prestigious award recognizes ACBF’s exceptional contributions to championing children’s literature
in Nigeria and fostering a safe and inspiring space for young minds to explore books and ideas.
Founded in 2019 by the passionate advocate for literacy Olubunmi Aboderin Talabi, ACBF has quickly
become a cornerstone of Nigeria’s literary landscape. The festival provides a unique platform for
children to engage with books, authors, and fellow book lovers through interactive workshops,
storytelling sessions, and vibrant cultural performances.
“We are incredibly honored to receive this recognition from Brittle Paper,” said Olubunmi Aboderin
Talabi, Founder and Convener of ACBF. “ACBF was born from a deep belief in the transformative
power of stories and the importance of nurturing a love of reading in children. This award is a
testament to the dedication of our team and the incredible Nigerian authors, artists, and
educators who make ACBF possible.”

The Brittle Paper Literary Platform of the Year award acknowledges not only ACBF’s commitment to
children’s literacy but also its wider impact on the Nigerian literary scene. The festival has played a
pivotal role in supporting self-published authors, promoting diverse voices, and fostering a more
inclusive literary culture in Nigeria.
“There is no doubt that ACBF is shifting Nigerian literary culture in ways that speak to the broader
growth we are observing in African literature globally,” said Ainehi Edoro, Founder and Editor-in-
Chief of Brittle Paper. “The ACBF has grown to be more than just a festival; it’s a powerful
advocacy platform for the intellectual and imaginative lives of children, emphasizing their
importance within the broader literary culture. Ultimately, the festival is about impacting the lives
of children, which is no small charge.”
The 2023 Brittle Paper Literary Platform of the Year award is a significant milestone for ACBF and a
powerful recognition of its vital role in shaping the future of Nigerian literature. As the festival
continues to grow and inspire, it promises to leave an enduring legacy of literacy, creativity, and
imagination for generations of young Nigerians to come.

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