5 thoughts on “Hogan Lovells partners with Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah for the LACIAC & ACEN Regional Training Workshop on Dispute Management in Africa”

  1. We need more of this and the government should also be part of it as they are a major stakeholder in the power sector.

  2. My own concern is what will be the end of all these workshops, seminars, talking when the government is not listening or interested in doing anything with the final summation.

    1. Let’s leave what the government will do or not do and concentrate on growing capacity in any field. The government has its role, everyone in the industry have their role and only time will tell who is slacking behind.

  3. Government listening or not shouldn’t stop the private sector doing what they should to grow their industry. Remember the government is just a regulator, not a practitioner.

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